Creamy Tomato Soup

Creamy Tomato Soup

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A perfect tomato soup packed with the tanginess of tomatoes with a blend of exotic herbs. It has a lip-smacking taste and perfect consistency. Made with 100% real vegetables and no added preservatives.

Health Benefits

Tomato Instant Soup is Easy to make, especially when you travel. It provides 58.87 kcal per cup, is tasty and healthy – with real vegetables.

  • High in fiber.
  • Great to taste and provides satiety .
  • Quick meal option.

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Nutritional Facts

Carbohydrates(g) 85.0gm
Protein(g) 7.5gm
Total Fat 2.5gm
Saturated Fat 1.0gm
Moisture 4.00gm
Trans Fat 0.005gm
Vitamin A 0.93mg
Vitamin C 62.70mg
Vitamin B1 2.20mg
Vitamin B2 2.50mg
Vitamin B6 3.13mg
Niacin 28.20mg
Calories 392.50K cal

*Approximate Values



Empty the contents of a sachet into a glass and add 150 ml of boiling water with constant stirring to make soup. Serve hot.

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High Fiber


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