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Ayurvedic Tea is carefully crafted caffeine-free herbal tea that help to balance one’s doshas (vata). It’s a perfect blend of spices and condiments which makes you feel fresh and liberating.

Health Benefits

Ayurvedic Tea can be taken by anyone.

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Take 1 cup water and to that add 1/4 tsp herbal tea. Boil the mixture for about 2-3 minutes. Strain and consume it hot first thing in the morning on waking up or anytime during the day.

Vata Tea helps those with gas and bloat.

Nutritional Facts

Energy (Kcal) 361
Carbohydrates(g) 73.3
Protein(g) 7.7
Fats(g) 4.1
Dietary Fiber (g) 15.4
Crude Fiber (g) 5.2
Sodium (mg 35

*Approximate Values

Weight 300 kg


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