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Puts you on the path to weight loss

Your weight loss journey begins by taking the first step towards it. The Weight Loss Starter Pack gives you the right boost in that direction.

The pack is designed to get you to consume a high fiber nutrient – dense diet and detox foods, tea & drink mixes provide an internal cleanse to your body, and aid your weight loss journey.

“A bloated body cannot lose weight. A toxic body cannot lose weight. To start the process of weight loss, one must start with a Detox and consume a high-fiber and high protein diet. Replace processed foods with lots of vegetables, dal and salads. Replace refined sugar with stevia or jaggery. Eat home-cooked food more often.” says celebrity nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee.

The pack contains:

1. 1-DAY Detox in a box – Reset your body

2. Chia Seeds – High in Fiber, which promotes weight loss

3. Barley Upma – High fiber, great for heart health and weight loss

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Juice – Boosts the metabolism

5. Green Drink – Deep Detoxification Juice

6. Lemon Coriander Soup – Rich in Vitamin C, & aids weight loss on regular consumption

7. Detox Herbal Tea – Detox through tea

8. Stevia Sachets – Sugar Replacement

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2 reviews for Weight Loss Starter Pack

Pooja Bharti
5 out of 5

Great money saver pack, the products are great. Had the detox tea for the first time and I did get a feeling of more energy. The taste of products mostly good

Bhagyashree Mhatre
5 out of 5

I First thought, Is it really possible to manage the weight by eating food? but Yes! I realized, it is possible after trying out this bundle of products from Health Total!

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