Digestive Enzymes – 800mg – Pure Nutrition

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Digestive enzymes helps to break down complex food to easily absorbable micro nutrients
Prevents toxicity resulting from rotten or undigested food, thus protecting health
Helps to relieve stress in the body, reducing the load of work, thus reducing the load of output or energy utilized by the organs of the digestive system
Suitable for people with poor digestion


  • Improves digestion
    promotes good health


  • Amylase,
  • Protease,
  • lipase, etc.


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Nutritional Facts

Energy 6.5 kcal
Protein 0.1 g
Carbohydrate 0.12 g
Fat 0 g
Amylase 200 mg
Protease 100 mg
Lipase 120 mg
Papain 85 mg
Cellulase 85 mg
Lactase 85 mg
Bromelain 75 mg