High Protein bundle

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Protein is the most important nutrient needed for optimal development. It is the foundation to every human body, every living cell, and every construct of a DNA strand. Your body uses protein to build and repair body tissues, to make enzymes, hormones, and is used as important building blocks of bones, blood, skin, cartilage and muscles. Protein assists in energy metabolism and cellular processes, and also defends the body against disease via optimal immune function.

Consuming high-protein foods has many benefits, including:

  • Speeding recovery after exercise
  • Reducing muscle loss
  • Building lean muscle
  • Helping you maintain a healthy weight
  • Curbing hunger

The High Protein bundle curated by us has enough protein required for you in your daily life.
This pack includes:

1 pack Protein powder – Choco caramel flavour
1 pack Protein powder – Dark chocolate flavour
1 pack Protein powder – Vanilla flavour
1 pack Soya crispy
1 pack Soya upma

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