Kokum Juice 400 ml – BioGreen


Kokam juice is made from a fruit called ‘Kokum,’ which is scientifically known as Garcinia Indica. It belongs to the mangosteen family and has culinary, pharmaceutical and industrial uses as well.

Health Benefits

Kokum juice has many health benefits. It has good antioxidant properties, promotes cell regeneration and repair, helps reduce fever and manage allergic conditions. It also has a cooling effect on the body.

  • It has good anti oxidant properties, has a cooling effect in the body.
  • It naturally helps to weight management.
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Kokum Juice Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts (per 100 ml*)
Protein 0.00%
Fats 0.00%
Carbohydrates 2.54%
Calories/100 ml 10.16 KCAL

 *Approximate Values


Having kokum juice or kokum syrup early morning on an empty stomach to get maximum health benefits.

Weight 530 kg
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