Lime Soy Nut 150 gm – RND

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Lime Soya Nuts are roasted and have lime flavour, which adds a tangy taste. So, they are a great snacking alternative for the health conscious.

Health Benefits

Lime Soy Nut is a great source of plant protein, which contains a significant amount of all the essential amino acids. They are also rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Lime Soy Nut tastes great with when made like a bhel or added in soups for crunch.

Nutritional Facts

Typical values per 100 gm approx.*
Protein 35.0 g Crude Fibre 1.2 g
Fat 19.0 g Calcium 200 mg
Carbohydrate 20.00 g Phosphorus 650 mg
Energy 400 kcal Iron 10.4 mg
Minerals 1.0 g Cholesterol 00.00 g
Not a significant source of micronutrients.
Weight 275 kg




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