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Snackaholics, here’s a wholesome snack box for you! Beat your between-meal cravings with this mix of nutritious snacks. They taste great and will fill you up too! So, fight hunger and beat belly bloat with these healthy snacks!

This Snack Pack includes:

  • Mexican strips – 100 gm
  • Millet Cracker – 100 gm
  • Ragi Sticks – 100 gm
  • Spinach & Herb Strips – 100 gm
NSB-Mexican strips -100gm
1 × NSB-Mexican strips -100gm
Millet Cracker (100g) - NutriSnacksBox
1 × Millet Cracker (100g) - NutriSnacksBox
Ragi Sticks (100g) - NutriSnacksBox
1 × Ragi Sticks (100g) - NutriSnacksBox
Spinach & Herb Strips(100g) - NutriSnacksBox
1 × Spinach & Herb Strips(100g) - NutriSnacksBox
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3 reviews for NutriSnacksBox – Healthy Snack Pack (4 items)

Anita Desai
4 out of 5

Item Reviewed: NutriSnacksBox – Healthy Snack Pack (4 items)

Healthy chattar pattar for my children, my husband & me

Ajitesh Shah
5 out of 5

Item Reviewed: NutriSnacksBox – Healthy Snack Pack (4 items)

Good brand, very tasty products

Kshama Dwivedi
4 out of 5

Item Reviewed: NutriSnacksBox – Healthy Snack Pack (4 items)

I love their oat cookies, this snackpack is good too

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Ever tasted Strips that are loaded with flavour and good for your health? Mexican Strips are made from whole wheat flour, quinoa flour, edible vegetable fat, sugar, salt, seasoning mix and chia seeds. You’ll love it!

If you’re allergic to gluten, try Millet Crackers. They are crispy, brittle and baked! Made using whole wheat and bajra flour, iodised salt, turmeric powder, edible oil, spices, green chillies and fenugreek, this gluten-free snack can be paired with your favourite dip, spreads, soups and salad.

Ragi Sticks are tasty and delicious because they are made using one of the healthiest cereals. They are low in sugar and fat, and protein and fibre rich. Other ingredients used include whole wheat flour, ragi flour, sesame seeds, cumin, ghee, salt, sugar, turmeric, baking powder and red chilli powder.

Prepared using whole wheat flour, vegetable fat, spinach, salt, sugar, herbs, garlic, pepper & spices mix, Spinach & Herb Strips is low sugar, low fat, fibre and protein rich, and zero refined flour (maida).

Weight 1800 kg