Jowar Flakes Mixture 150 gm – Roasty Tasty


Roasty Jowar Flakes Mixture is crunchy and crispy mixture of jowar flakes, grams, melon seeds ‘n’ lentils. It is blended with tomato, mint seasoning and spices, thus makes for a great snack. It is trans-fat free!

Health Benefits

Roasty Jowar Flakes mixture is low-fat, so a healthy snacking option. You can eat it as-is or add it to bhel.

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It tastes great with when made like a bhel or added in soups for crunch and flavour.

Nutritional Facts

Energy 1711 kj / 409 kcal
Protein 21g
Total Carbohydrates 61g
of which Sugars 0g
Total fat 9g
Saturated fatty acids 4g
Mono unsaturated fatty acids 3g
Poly unsaturated fatty acids 2g
Fibre 39g
Cholesterol 0mg
Trans Fat 0g
Weight 436 kg