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Apple Cider Vinegar Plus is beneficial for people who have been overweight for several years.
It contains pectin, a water soluble fiber which can absorb fat, toxins and cholesterol and flush them out of the body.
This supplement also helps to ameliorate common health problems associated with weight gain including high glucose and high blood pressure levels.
Regular consumption also helps aid digestion, manage thyroid and control symptoms of hyperacidity.


  • Helps To lose weight naturally
  • to control blood sugar and blood pressure
  • helps digestion


  • Apple cider vinegar powder
  • cayyene pepper
  • ginger
  • alkalising blend
  • Lactobacilus


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Nutritional Facts

Energy 62.23 kcal
Protein 0.58 g
Carbohydrates 10.4 g
Fat 0.05 g
Apple Cider Vinegar Powder 300 mg
Apple Pectin 50 mg
Alfa Alfa 40 mg
Cayenne Extract 2% 25 mg
Ginger Root Extract 25 mg
Spirulina 20 mg
Wheat Grass 20 mg
Lecithin 10 mg
Coconut Water Powder 10 mg
Lactic Acid Bacillus 500 milloion cfu