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Premature ageing, acne and pimple are not new. But, did you know there’s a tea that can give you a skinny & radiant skin? Skin Magic can do wonders to your skin when consumed early morning. Try it!


  • Harde
  • baheda
  • amla
  • turmeric
  • lodhra
  • musta
  • cardamom
  • aloe vera
  • liquorice

Health Benefits

  • clearing heat & toxins
  • fights against aging
  • acne & pimples
  • makes your skin firm & radiant

Brewing Instructions

1 tsp 6fl oz filtered O2 rich water 90C-95C steep 7min milk and sugar not recommended feel free to add a dash of honey.

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Recommended number of steep -1  Drink 1 cup early morning to get maximum benefits.


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