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  • Nutriorg Stevia Leaf 25g (Organically Grown) 100% organic
  • Nutriorg Stevia Leaf is organic grown in our own certified organic farms located in different parts of Rajasthan.
  • It is a great replacement of sugar and is 200 times sweeter than sugar.
  • It helps in balancing sugar level in body.
  • It is a great dietary supplement.
  • It is packed high in quality 0.5 kg per jar which is reusable.
  • Nutriorg stevia jar is 100% safe to store any food item after use.

How to use: – Take 5-6 leaves for 1 cup of tea or as per your taste, boil for 5min. and serve. Or you can Dip 5-6 leaves (equal to 1tbsp sugar) in water overnight and use that water in making sugar-free cake, juices, sweet dishes and sweet products.

Ingredients:- Stevia Rebaudiana 100%

Specifications:- Best before 18 months from manufacture

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Nutritional info*: Approx value per 100gm
Carbohydrate 52 mg
Protein 10 mg
 Calcium 3 mg
 Iron 55.30 mg
Phosphorous 11.4 mg
Sodium 464 mg
Potassium 1800 mg

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