Health Total’s Tasty Tomato Soup, 7 sachets, 105g


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A perfect tasty tomato soup packed with the tanginess of tomatoes and a blend of exotic herbs. It has a lip-smacking taste and perfect consistency. Made with 100% real vegetables and no added preservatives.

This instant soup is easy to make, especially when you travel. It provides 58.87 kcal per cup, is tasty and healthy – with real vegetables. Tomatoes are a great dietary source of antioxidants which help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Health Benefits

  • High in fiber.
  • Rich in vitamin C and K.
  • Loaded with potassium and folate.
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9 reviews for Health Total’s Tasty Tomato Soup, 7 sachets, 105g

4 out of 5

Yummy soup, ready in just about 10 minutes

5 out of 5

Great product, the filling warm feeling in the stomach is what I look forward to every evening

Dheeraj M
4 out of 5

Tastes like normal good company packaged soup, maybe a little expensive due to being healthier

Shramidhee Jadhav
3 out of 5

Ok, tastes nice

Rehana kalani
4 out of 5

taste is good, price is little high but its worth it

4 out of 5

taste is very good..worth trying

Rakesh Mehra
4 out of 5

Easy to make soup.. handy for my weight loss diet

Ramya Rao
5 out of 5

Yummy, tasty and healthy..

Krupa seth
5 out of 5

Easy and quick..i liked it

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Empty contents of the sachet into a bowl or a mug and add 150 ml of boiling water. Stir constantly to make the soup.

Nutritional Values(Per 100 g)

Energy 392.50 kcal
Carbohydrates 85.0 gm
Protein 7.5 gm
Total Fat 2.5 gm
Moisture 4.00 gm
Saturated Fat 1.0 gm
Trans Fat 0.005 gm
Vitamin A 0.93 mg
Vitamin C 62.70 mg
Vitamin B1 2.2 mg
Vitamin B2 2.50 mg
Vitamin B6 3.13 mg
Niacin 28.20 mg

*Approximate Values

Weight 190 kg