True Elements Muesli Chatpata Mix 100gm

True Elements Muesli Chatpata Mix 100gm


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True Elements Chatpati Protein Muesli is a yummy cereal that you can enjoy when you crave some spicy chaat but you also want to make sure it’s healthy. This muesli is made of wheat flakes, rolled oats, quinoa puff, pumpkin seeds, soynuts and tasty Indian spices. This muesli is rich in protein and vitamins as they are extremely high in the ingredients which we use. It’s a perfect snack if you are craving something chatpata yet healthy

Features / Benefits:

Lose weight yet eat tasty snack-food: Made from our 100% natural, whole-grain certified and premium quality rolled oats, a bowl of muesli is a rich source of fibre which fills up your stomach, prevents binge eating on junk and satiates your hunger with a crunchy parfait. Power up your snack cravings enhanced with the delicious Indian Spices. Snack it or Garnish it, enjoy it the way you want.

Ingredients / Composition:

Wheat Flakes (36%), Rolled Oats (28%), Soynuts (11%), Spices and Condiments (7%), Soybean Oil (7%), Quinoa Pu (5%), Spicy Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Rosemary Extracts.

How To Use:

Muesli can be served with curd (1 cup of curd for 0.75cupof muesli)/ Buttermilk. It can be consumed as it is for a mid-meal snack or can be used as topping for ice-cream, porridge.

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