Organic Black Rice (250g)

Organic Black Rice (250g)


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It’s not just the colour of Black Rice that makes it different from the more familiar White and Brown varieties. Truefarm Organic Black rice has fewer calories than the others yet more protein and fewer carbohydrates. In addition, it seems that black rice may hold an extra benefit for cardiovascular health as it offers more protection against plaque buildup than other varieties of rice.

Black rice turns a deep purple colour when cooked, and like other similarly coloured foods is a good source of polyphenols, plant-derived nutrients that have antioxidant activity. In fact, black rice contains more antioxidants than brown or white and is high in iron too, a mineral linked to energy production as well as the immune system.

It is best soaked for an hour or more before rinsing and cooking with 2 parts water to 2 parts rice. Add a little stock to the water for a deeper flavour and enjoy in place of the traditional rice.

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  • Organic Black Rice
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