True Elements Steel Cut Oats Gluten Free 1000gm

True Elements Steel Cut Oats Gluten Free 1000gm


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No matter what time of the year, oats is always considered as the king of the breakfast foods.

True Elements Steel Cut Oats are unique quality oats which are different from the rolled oats. They are not rolled or ordinary unlike other but are steel cut into groats, thus decreasing your cooking time. Being naturally gluten-free, just like rolled oats, they can be helpful in improving the health of Celiac patients.

Ingredients / Composition:

Steel Cut Oats.

How To Use:

You can use it in either of the ways:

Keep it aside in boiling water overnight and let it be covered. In the morning, quickly heat them up and consume it raw.

Cook it in boiling water with simmer uncovered for 25-30 minutes and stir occasionally.
You can serve it with milk or yoghurt. Add honey or sugar or sorghum syrup or any other syrup that you desire. Top it with your favourite nuts or fresh or dried fruits.
You can also cook delicious upma with these oats or add them to your smoothies and health bars.

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