Nutriorg Certified Organic Quinoa 250g

Nutriorg Certified Organic Quinoa 250g


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Product Weight / Size / Volume: 250g

Normalised Weight: 300g

Pack Type Or (No of Pcs): 1

Ingredients / Composition: Organic Quinoa

Nutritional Info: Nutritional Facts Per 100g
Energy – 355 kcal
Carbohydrate – 67.25 g
Protein – 15.82g
Fat – 5.858
Saturated Fat – 0.52 8
Dietary Fibre – 17.25 mg
Iron – 6.85 mg
Zinc – 4.05g
Potassium – 1048 mg
Magnesium – 325 mg
Calcium – 75 mg
Phosphorus – 798 mg

How To Use: •Add 1tsp of flax seed as a dressing on salad
•Sprinkling 1 tsp of flax seeds over the breakfast cereals like oats, quinoa etc.
•Add 1 tsp of flax seeds in 1 cup of yogurt
•Add 1 tsp of flax seeds in handful of nuts•Consume quinoa to salads
•Quinoa Upma, Quinoa cutlet
•Curd with Quinoa
•Use Quinoa with vegetable pulao

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The Nutriorg Organic Quinoa is a fantastic Gluten-free food which has an excellent amino acid profile. It contains all nine essential amino acids making it a complete source of protein. Quinoa is therefore an excellent choice for vegans who struggle for enough protein in their diet. Since it is gluten free it can be used by individuals who suffer from gluten intolerance. Quinoa contains Iron which helps keep red blood cells healthy and is the basis of hemoglobin formation. It has lysine which is mainly essential for tissue growth and repair

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