1-day Detox in a Box | Detox diet plan for Weight Loss

Refresh Restart Recharge in 24 hours


About Detox in a box

Detox In A Box is a 1-day detox diet plan, curated and created by Anjali Mukerjee – Nutritionist, Researcher, Columnist, Author, and Founder-Director of Health Total.

We realise, your life is already busy and full. You are juggling between family, work and maintaining a social life. You are constantly exposed to environmental pollution, contamination, and stress that results in the build-up of toxins in your body. Regular detoxification cleanses your body of toxins and helps you maintain optimum health.

There are many ways to detox, but DETOX IN A BOX will take you through the practical, no-nonsense and easy-to-achieve steps to make you feel better than ever. By making some simple changes in over 24 hours, you can make the world of a difference to your body and mind.

So, Refresh, Restart and Recharge in just 24 hours with the 1-day DETOX IN A BOX!

Benefits of Detox In A Box:

  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces bloat
  • Boosts immunity and metabolism
  • Promotes skin glow
  • Improves energy and productivity

And as an added benefit – YOU WILL


How to use the 1-day Detox Kit

You can choose to detox on any one day of the week. On the day of your detox, consume only the contents of this box. Refer to the instructions and detox diet plan schedule provided along with the detox kit.

Detoxing once a week will rejuvenate your mind and body, leaving you refreshed and re-energised.

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68 reviews for 1-day Detox in a Box | Detox diet plan for Weight Loss

Anita Desai
5 out of 5

I wanted to cleanse my inner body, but more than that I wanted glow on my face. So, when I read about the 1-day detox box by Anjali Mukerjee, I thought of trying it. I could see the results in 24 hours, so I’m happy. I plan to detox again in a week

– Anita Desai, 41, housewife

Sunaina Khanna
4 out of 5

The best part about the detox box from Anjali Mukerjee is that you feel light and refreshed. I followed the 1-day detox schedule & soon the weakness was gone, and the energy levels shot up. I became more alert.

– Sunaina Khanna, 25, intern at ad agency

Shivani Sharma
5 out of 5

My daughter used this product and followed the diet chart & instructions. She started seeing the results on 2nd or 3rd day. She has acne problem, but after using the product she could see the dark marks disappearing.

– Shivani Sharma, 46, housewife

Ananya Chatterjee
4 out of 5

It’s only been a day since I completed the 1-day detox box, and I can feel a bit of a difference in my body. The product box has clear-cut guidelines on how to use it, what to eat and when. So, it wasn’t difficult to follow the schedule. I feel energetic, refreshed and light.

– Ananya Chatterjee, 31, banking professional

Ajay Khanna
5 out of 5

I used to feel very tired at work. I was getting sleep of 7 hours, but still there was tiredness. When I heard about the 1-day detox box, I thought of trying it. The tiredness is gone. I feel so much energy within!

– Ajay Khanna, 41, software engineer

4 out of 5

I tried the 1 day Detox box and the results at the end of the day was amazing. I actually felt cleansed from within. Although around evening time i was feeling little hungry but the lemon juice sachet took care of that. All the things to be consumed in one day comes packed in this cute little box and theres no need to eat anything from outside this box.
I would highly recommend this product to all my friends and family. Cant wait to try again after a week:-)

Ridhima Mathur
4 out of 5

This box has come to me like a boon. I party a lot and usually need a quick fix to reset my system back on track. I think this is ‘that’ perfect one day schedule which is damn easy to follow..thank you team Anjali Mukerjee and Health Total.
Told all my friends about this and they have placed their order..delivery expected by tomorrow..

Kunal Pawar
5 out of 5

This 1 day detox box is very easy to follow and everything comes in a box which one has to follow. Feeling lighter and refreshed

Sushmita Kohli
5 out of 5

i was excited to try this one day detox box as i wanted to clean my body without feeling weak. After trying the one day detox it was hard to believe the wonders you get in just one day. I felt lighter, more cleaner from within and refreshed. The ready to use upma is too good… saves a lot of time! Must try

Bina Pal
4 out of 5

The experience was wonderful after using the one day detox box plan. Please stock up, my family and friends will place order as i have strongly recommended to all:-)

Deepak S
4 out of 5

All things to be consumed in a day in a small box…unbelievable..but true. I am a working professional and have no time to follow a plan even to detoxify my body. My job is stressful and i have junk food most of the time..felt the need to cleanse my body but always failed due to lack of time. This box has all ready to use products which i had to follow as per the schedule mentioned in the easy to follow manual which comes in the box.

This is my go to box whenever i feel the need to detox…

Rahul Mishra
5 out of 5

Best thing since the sliced bread. Really loved the packaging and the whole experience of detoxing. I could immediately feel the positive changes in my body. Already ordered couple of them for my family. Go for it guys!

Muskan Siddiqui
4 out of 5

I like the this detox plan. Good to begin with.

Amit Sisodiya
5 out of 5

I was a bit confused before buying this product. But when I purchased it,I feel I have made the correct decision.It does what it says. Perfect quality product. Definitely go for it.

Amit Sisodiya
5 out of 5

I was a bit confused before buying this product. But when I purchased it,I feel I have made the correct decision.It does what it says. Perfect quality product.

Rajkamal Singhaniya
5 out of 5

Excellent quality and good effect. Its results were really good. My immune system is good and I can feel it day today. Digestive system is healthy and this impacts our emotions alot. I think everyone who has a hectic life should use this product atleast once.

Rajkamal Singhaniya
4 out of 5

The day to day business lifestyle can hardly leave us to take care of ourselves. Thanks to this cleansing kit that helped me flushing toxins from my body.

Misha Reddy
5 out of 5

The day to day lifestyle cannot let us take care of ourselves and also puts a a lot of toxins on our body. Thanks to this kit that helped me flushing toxins from my body.

Debolina Bagchi
5 out of 5

About to finish my first kit. Already bought one more. It’s working and doing what it says ! Must try

Mandar Deshmukh
4 out of 5

This detox pack is a perfect blend of products that help you feel light and healthy.

Rajkumar Thackeray
4 out of 5

For now, I can say it has helped me on my digestion and bloating. Would take the bigger pack to know other benefits.

Jignesh Mehta
5 out of 5

It’s good for a healthy lifestyle and extract impurities .
I’m regularly using this….Really good product

sayyed azaz
5 out of 5

it was very effective ,it improved my digestion as well i was feeling engertic,worth of money and worthy for health

5 out of 5

Tried the detox kit. Very easy to use and extremely tasty. Feeling light and energetic. Already ordered 4 more for the month. Go for it, worth a try.

5 out of 5

Was a little skeptical before the purchase, but after seeing the results I have ordered for the whole family. Lost around 900gms in a single day and feeling light energetic and awesome on the whole.

Pooja Yadav
4 out of 5

I’am 21 years old, I used this product. It’s just wow ! specially the green drink and tomato soup. One -Day Detox plan is great for those who need to get fit in one day. it is a pro for emergency time when you need to get that healthy, glow and body.
Thanks Health Total for this healthy product which fills me energetic, fresh life.

Jayesh Pednekar
5 out of 5

It’s an really amazing experience of 1- day detox. Feeling really energetic, lightweight and improves my digestion too. Highly recommended!

5 out of 5

This detox in a box is actually so convenient to follow even while at work! Felt resfreshed & energetic through the day as well as lighter. Would like to keep coming back for it again.

Niyati Usgaonkar
5 out of 5

I used this product. It’s really very easy to follow. I feel light from inside and refreshed.
I could clearly see the difference without putting a lot of stress to my body . Thanks Health Total for this healthy product.

Marcel Dsouza
5 out of 5

I had aon going tiredness issue . On having the One day detox kit I felt very energetic and active. This was very helpful to me and I recommend one should go for this kit.

Rajesh Mohite
5 out of 5

I tried Health Total’s Detox in a Box product next day of my weekend late night party and it helped me cpme-over my hangover.
I think it helped in stabalizing my routine to start my week with fresh energy.

4 out of 5

Tried the DETOX IN a box by Anjali Mukerjee a weekend after coming back from my vacation. I feel fresh and energetic. Just the perfect start to a Monday.

3 out of 5

I have tried detox diet on my own several times. But this one my Anjali Mukerjee is a complete kit. The face pack is really good. After applying i could feel my skin soft. Also the coconut water drink and turmeric shots. I will do this detox twice every month 🙂

Nikita Surve
5 out of 5

This box is very easy to follow..everything you need to consume in a day is all there…i am very light after doing this. I will try again after some days.

4 out of 5

I don’t really believe in detox diets. But a friend said to try this detox. I did on sunday because i wanted to avoid restaurant meal. by end of the end i don’t think i craved for junk. It is kinda good!

Pranita chavan
4 out of 5

The thought of detoxifying body in one day was not very convincing but still i wanted something which is quick and easy to do. So i ordered this box..must say i am very impressed. The box ensures you dont feel weak throughout the day while doing this. By next day i was feeling much lighter.

Avi Sengupta
3 out of 5

I didn’t see much change after doing the detox. But I liked the ingredients and the packaging. I am thinking of placing another order just to see if it works for me second time.

Tanaya Munshi
3 out of 5

I like the look of the product, plus interesting ingredients like coconut water and calming tea. I am recommending to my friends too!

Arjun Lal
4 out of 5

feeling very light and refreshed…very good product

Gavin Nair
4 out of 5

Since i am on outdoor duty most of the time i eat all junk and then i detox sometimes but it was very difficult. This one day detox box is just perfect as its convinient where i dont have to blend juices or make soups etc. This is a ready box and i am finally happy to get a solution for an easy detox.

Amol P
3 out of 5

Good for one day detox, very easy to follow. I have ordered for my family members as well

Annie trinidad
5 out of 5

I wanted a quick detox before my cousin’s wedding and i got it through this one day detox box. i also lost around 800gm in 1 day:-)

Varsha Dheeraj
4 out of 5

I am glad i tried it. It makes me feel lighter & healthier just in 1 day. I’ll try it again next month.

Kanika Soni
4 out of 5

My body felt very bloated and i needed to do something about it. I tried the one day Detox box and felt as if all the bloat is gone. I felt much lighter. I also think my skin was glowing too because of all the cleansing of my system.

Ziyaul Shaikh
4 out of 5

very well made box for effective detoxification. I dont know how this works but the combination of all the contents in the box is much thought about..something scientific.. which is definitely working for all…worth a try and cost effective

Neha thakkar
4 out of 5

Very cost effective.. am planning to gift it to my friend on her birthday

Jasween Kaur
5 out of 5

I am happy because i experienced a lighter body and a glowing skin. Cant wait to try another box next week

Ritu dhawan
4 out of 5

I think all the working professionals should try this at least once…given the hectic lives we lead..this is a must try…as a first step towards good health.

Sharad K
4 out of 5

Gifting this to all my sisters on Raksha bandhan for sure

Rachna Bhandari
5 out of 5

Must try..value for money product

Sakshi Ambe
4 out of 5

it actually detoxifies the system..experienced glowing skin in just one day…wow

Sonal Grover
5 out of 5

Refresh Restart Recharge in 24 hours….this is exactly what this one day detox box does! thanks….

5 out of 5

I used this product. Its really very easy to follow

Shahid Judge
4 out of 5

Awesome product! Must try!!!! 🙂

5 out of 5

I tried the detox kit out of sheer curiosity and am amazed with the results. Bloating is all gone, feeling very light and energetic and the best part about it all is that it is extremely easy to follow and prepare. I lost like around 700gms in a single day. So happy with the results!!!

4 out of 5

Must say that it was a nice product. Easy to follow and prepare. Was clearly able to see the results on skin and digestion. The support from the team was also commendable, cleared all my doubts very patiently. Must give it a try.

Chirag M
4 out of 5

Tried the one day detox box..feeling lighter and good

Ronit Sharma
5 out of 5

Wanted a quick detox as was feeling very bloated after a marraige in the family..this one day detox box is just perfect…feeling good and free from all gas and bloat

Shama Khan
4 out of 5

This one day detox kit is very good for getting rid of unwanted toxins in the body.. i tried and loved this product..ordering more

Rhea Kumar
4 out of 5

Ordered the second box…i am in love with this product

Jasmine Dsouza
4 out of 5

I tried this product before a girl’s night out..i got good results as my skin looked better… will try this again and also recommend my friends

Rashmi Das
5 out of 5

The product is very easy to follow and highly recommended it who are looking for an energetic day ahead.
I feel refreshed and energetic after using the 1 day detox box. The products are very good especially the tomato soup, coconut water and the calming tea. I have already ordered 3 boxes fr my family members.

Diana singh
4 out of 5

Good for cleansing system…feeling lighter

Nimisha shah
5 out of 5

quickfix for getting away from that bloated feeling..worth a try

5 out of 5

It is amazing how a one day detox plan can change way you feel and look! It has helped boost my energy levels and also improved my digestion. The best part about it was that i could follow the plan any day of the week, without having to worry about my work schedule..
Highly recommended!!

4 out of 5

I tried this detox box for a day,its amazing,highly recommended.

Ranjeeta rozario
4 out of 5

This one day detox box is very easy to use and all the contents are enough to last through the day and satiate the hunger pangs.. i will use it again for sure

Sanchita Das
4 out of 5

i think it also helps in weight loss as i lost almost 800gms in one day..skin also looks more clear…magic in a box!

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