Gellidium Gracilaria

Gellidium Gracilaria


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Weight Loss: Gellidium Gracillaria is healthy addition to weight loss plans as it attracts water,increasing bulk with very few calories which gives a feeling of fullness.
Best for Digestion: The fiber found in Gellidium Gracillaria absorbs the toxins from gut & gastrointestional tract,carrying the toxic waste safely out of body leading to digestion.
Bone Health: This being rich in minerals and nutrients is vital for metabolism .Furthermore being rich in calcium and magnesium it improves bone density.
Brain Health: It is vital for the development of brains in babies and children and can be produced endogenously by the body as well as supplemented from foods such as agar.

Product Weight / Size / Volume: 16 gm

Ingredients / Composition:  High Fiber Agarophytes

Nutritional Info:

Fat 0.5 g
Energy 214 kcal
Carbohydrates 37.5 g
Protein 15 g

How To Use: Add 8 to 10 fiber sticks into 1 cup of water,boil it for 5 minutes until it gets dissolved and have it.Lemon or pinch of black pepper can be added.

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