Bamboo Silica Tea

Bamboo Silica Tea


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Builds Collagen: Bamboo Tea as we all know is rich in Silica,a building block of collagen.Collagen as we all know tends to reduces as we reach in early 20s,increased bamboo tea intake will increase silica enhancing collagen production.
Benefits to Skin: Bamboo Tea consists of Silica,an essential mineral of blood vessels, byproducts of which is enhanced circulation to skin and scalp leading to skin glow and oxidative stress to skin and reducing wrinkles.
Benefits to Hair and Nail: Increased blood flow comes more nutrients and oxygen leading to strengthen and shining of hair with growth & less shedding rate making them thicker.Nails being made of silica ,bamboo tea provide silica providing strength and make them longer.Thus helps nails.
Strengthen Bone: Bamboo Tea consists of silica which helps to demineralise calcium into bone which improves bone density and flexibility leading to lubrication of joints.
Bamboo Silica Tea has a mild flavor that blends exceptionally well with other teas, or it can be enjoyed on its own without any addition.

Product Weight / Size / Volume: 15 Tea Sticks

Ingredients / Composition: Bamboo Leaves

Nutritional Information:
Fat g 0.4
Energy kcal 306.4
Carbohydrates g 67.83
Protein g 7.87

How To Use: How to Use: Put one Bamboo Tea Stick for 3-5 minutes in boiling water and your refreshing and replenishing cup of tea is ready to be enjoyed.


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