NutriValue – Stevia Leaves (Pack of 3)

NutriValue – Stevia Leaves (Pack of 3)


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Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni is a sweet herb 25 to 30 times sweeter than sugar. It contains no calories. It has a number of minerals, salts, vitamins, phytonutrients, volatile oils, proteins, and fiber which promotes health. NutriValue pioneered the launch of Stevia in India in its natural form to the consumer 8 years ago. We have over 6000 regular users who have benefitted by its use.

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Product Description:

The only natural sugar substitute/dry leaves

Ingredients / Composition:

Stevia Dry Leaves

Nutritional Info:

Sweetener without Calories

How To Use:

Appears exactly like sugar and can also be used like sugar. 6-7 dry leaves in place of sugar to make a cup of tea/coffee

Dimensions 6 × 7 × 17.5 cm
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