True Elements Millet Granola 450gm

True Elements Millet Granola 450gm


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In a world where the demand of tasty snacking is gradually increasing, with no nutritional compromise, it becomes quite difficult to actually decide what to eat and what not. Keeping in mind the taste preferences along with a healthy diet, we bring to you a crispy, munchable Granola, blended with the right amount of wholegrain certified ingredients, luscious berries and crunchy nuts.

Millet being a superfood even before the word superfood came into existence, is a powerhouse of essential nutrients. It is also much more crunchier as compared to other whole foods, thus giving you the desired snack treat for your taste buds.

True Elements Millet Granola is a mixture of various whole grain ingredients, one which carries a superficial benefit in each. The combination of millet flakes provides a good amount of fibre and magnesium. Our granola is purely baked and not fried, blended with raw honey to give you a sweet flavour for your sweet snack cravings.

Ingredients / Composition:

Rolled Oats (26.9%), Wheat Flakes (12.6%), Honey (15.8%), Bajra Flakes (11.1%), Jowar Flakes (11.1%), Berries & Nuts (5.9%) [Almonds, Cranberries], Seeds (8.3%) [Watermelon, Flax, Pumpkin], Oat Flour (3.1%), Barley Malt (4.7%)

How To Use:

It can be used with hot/cold milk as per your choice. Millet Granola can also be savoured with a cup of ice cream or yogurt or can be consumed directly as a munching snack.

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